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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars?, May 8, 2009

To only supply five stars to rate this “item” is insufficient and an audacious oversight. This is not an item, but instead a life tool for anyone seeking an inner peace. You do not “wear” this shirt. It “owns” you. From the first time I donned this shroud sent from the heavens, I found strength and understanding which I never dreamed existed. This morning, I found that one of the traits (or powers, if you’d like to deem it as such) is that I can now understand precisely what my cats and even raccoons have been attempting to convey to me for months. “It’s not the Friskies Seafood Sensations I crave, but the Fancy Feast in cans. Now get back in the house and get me some of that!! And don’t forget those Pounce Treats!!” This gift is like Cialis for the soul. A State Patrol officer pulled me over for driving solo in the HOV lane just the other day, and when he approached my car, the look on his face turned from disgust to utter elation. He began to cry uncontrollably, begging forgiveness for being such a misguided fool. The cute girls at the bikini coffee hut now pull their pasties off and swoon when they see “Wolfie” driving up to the window for his tall hot chocolate with whipped cream. I would go on, but no amount of testimonial could pay this seemingly insignifigant article of clothing justice. With the wolf shirt, anything is possible. I am living proof. What is Superman without his cape or Batman without his utility belt? Nothing. The same goes for me without “Wolfie”. Thank you, Wolf Shirt!!!!!!!!

Plenty more where that came from.


One thought on “Fashion Advice

  1. Mr. Bean says:

    I own this.
    No joke.

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