I’m a street corner businessman.

Those streets of San Francisco. Filled with bums, aged hippies stumbling about like desecate packets waiting to be reconstituted by a bath-tub soak of LSD, and hipsters. Well, my friend Chris stumbled upon this while he was probably going to some taco truck, or bath house. Whatever. Anyway, thanks to the cameraphone, he documented this piece of borderline idiocy/brilliance.


so that’s a cool truck right? Check out what is written in the window –


Transcript: “Females Wanted: to help get my owner motivated to put me back on the road. Must be tall, athletic, and willing to Dance Naked on my roof at burning festival. Possible long term relationship for the Right! Girl! (I would prefer a posse of…but he think a monogamous relationship can work) any correspondence to JeepMan@1695 Folsom St. SF Ca 94103 (mail box 5 feet east) will be promplty replied to. Any phone # in lipstick on windshield will be called Immediately! (if not sooner)

women only no exceptions no fakes.”

If any of you are interested. We can hook that up. For a percentage.


Excellent work, Chris.

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