Yo Yo ism.

this is everywhere now. but, it’s from my hometown so i will post it.

From City Pages –

“A man calling himself Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser has fooled five Midwestern television stations into putting him on the air as a supposed Yo-Yo expert.”

here’s a comment from the City Pages article –

Vitajex says:

There seems to be a disheartening level of ignorance surrounding this story. Allow me to properly educate you and all the other uninitiated out there about the new school of post-modern yo-yo artistry.

You want tricks?!?! Then go to Branson and watch Tommy Smothers with all the other blue-hairs!

Avant-garde yo-yoism is the way of the future. This is a school of thought that extends beyond the yo-yo. In fact, the yo-yo is merely a symbol- a sort of socio-religious iconography that allows the viewer to connect to the act in a purely aesthetic manner that removes the distinction between the performer and the performance. In art, there is the art of ‘creating’ and the art of ‘being’ and Kenny Strasser represents the warning shot fired across the bow of conventional, traditional, “acceptable” or “good” yo-yoing- an uninhibited commingling of creation and existence.

In a way, each performance is a microcosm of the human experience. Expectations are built up, only to be unceremoniously mocked and quickly forgotten. The viewer is forced to examine their own internal space and answer the question “Am I a yo-yo?” without the cocooning, inuring effect of walking dogs or rocking cradles.

In conclusion, it is only by relinquishing our claims on what is or isn’t yo-yoing- an active and aggressive redrawing of the gestalt of the artform- that we can begin to realize our destiny of post-millenial progress.”


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