Kickstarter, Whitegeist, and other such things

Double Fine is a company that makes video games. It’s headed up by some old school adventure game pros who made some great ones back in the day. It would be fun to play one on an iphone or something right? Remember Monkey Island? sure ya do. Anyway, they were having trouble getting funding to make a new one. So they made a kickstarter to get the money. The way it works, you pay 15 bucks, you get input into the process, and you get the game when it’s made. I find that interesting. Turn the public consumer into the direct client for the creator. They raised over one million dollars for this in 24 hours. Fun.

(click on pic to watch their vid)

while we’re on the topic of kickstarter, there’s something called “whitegeist” which is basically the zeitgeist of white people. it’s a little different than “stuff white people like” as this is much more a temporal thing. right now, some examples aside from kickstarter include – urban beekeeping, pickling things, “victory” gardens, movie theaters where you can eat and drink inside, buffalo chicken wing cupcakes. I predict basketball will become a part of the whitegeist as sort of a “post racial” thing once the Nets come to Brooklyn.

here we have an example of a whitegeist sexplosion. urban beekeeping meets kickstarter. hold on to ya butts.

(same deal, click to watch)

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