Feral pigeons (Columba livia), also called city doves, city pigeons, or street pigeons, are derived from domestic pigeons that have returned to the wild.[1] The domestic pigeon was originally bred from the wild Rock Dove, which naturally inhabits sea-cliffs and mountains.[2] Rock (i.e. ‘wild’), domestic and feral pigeons are all the same species and will readily interbreed. Feral pigeons find the ledges of buildings to be a substitute for sea cliffs, have become adapted to urban life, and are abundant in towns and cities throughout much of the world.

For their piece in this year’s International Architecture Exhibition (Venice Biennale), they created an “apparatus” that can be placed on the roofs of buildings. A “bird trap” of sorts, it has a conveyor-belt that pigeons can jump on and get inside, where they’ll get airbrushed in different colors.” –Creativity Online


These pictures are from the test the artist did in Copenhagen. I love pigeons.


pigeons by Julian Charriere


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