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The Lenny Dykstra Award in Athletic Achievement

it’s been floating around. i like it.

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The Inner Workings of Japanese Myth and Mind

There was a time when a very odd japanese man sat across from me at work. He would come up with ideas that included a person with two mouths which would argue with each other, and a man/woman/bear threesome that produced a man/bear baby who enjoyed nothing more than to suckle a bottle of lemon-lime flavored soft drink. I used to think these thoughts were unique to his soju steeped brain. But after finding these diagrams of traditional japanese monsters and their descriptions, i see that these types of thoughts are endemic to a culture that sells girls underwear in vending machines on the street.

The Kuro-kamikiri (”black hair cutter”) is a large, black-haired creature that sneaks up on women in the street at night and surreptitiously cuts off their hair. Anatomical features include a brain wired for stealth and trickery, razor-sharp claws, a long, coiling tongue covered in tiny hair-grabbing spines, and a sac for storing sleeping powder used to knock out victims.

The Makura-gaeshi (”pillow-mover”) is a soul-stealing prankster known for moving pillows around while people sleep…the monster has two brains — one for devising pranks, and one for creating rainbow-colored light that it emits through its eyes.

The Fukuro-sage has the ability to shapeshift into a sake bottle, which is typically seen rolling down sloping streets. The bottle may pose a danger to people who try to follow it downhill, as it may lead them off a cliff or into a ditch. The Fukuro-sage’s urine has a powerful smell that can disorient humans and render insects and small animals unconscious.

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A new kind of animation

the videos of blu’s animated paintings have been pretty well documented on the internet. I like this though, because it seems to be the next progression in that vein of thought. A tweak on it.