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Feral pigeons (Columba livia), also called city doves, city pigeons, or street pigeons, are derived from domestic pigeons that have returned to the wild.[1] The domestic pigeon was originally bred from the wild Rock Dove, which naturally inhabits sea-cliffs and mountains.[2] Rock (i.e. ‘wild’), domestic and feral pigeons are all the same species and will readily interbreed. Feral pigeons find the ledges of buildings to be a substitute for sea cliffs, have become adapted to urban life, and are abundant in towns and cities throughout much of the world.

For their piece in this year’s International Architecture Exhibition (Venice Biennale), they created an “apparatus” that can be placed on the roofs of buildings. A “bird trap” of sorts, it has a conveyor-belt that pigeons can jump on and get inside, where they’ll get airbrushed in different colors.” –Creativity Online


These pictures are from the test the artist did in Copenhagen. I love pigeons.


pigeons by Julian Charriere


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Ye Animated Git

Gifs by this dude

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Various forms of razors were used throughout history, which are different in appearance but similar in use to modern straight razors. In prehistoric times clam shells, shark’s teeth, and flint were sharpened and used to shave with.

The heads over at F.A.T. have created a little device to help make subway ads a little more interactive.

just run it twice over the ads in two directions, and you’ve got a grid of pixels to play with.


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Graffiti Gifs!

This is great. A progression of Blu’s stop motion stuff. Done by INKIE and INSA. Love it.


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If realtors sold the internet – Context. Context. Context.

Ratatat has a new album. I like these guys, but I don’t love em. This video though, scores big points with me. The rumor is they just used getty stock footage for the whole thing. I don’t know if that’s wholly the truth, but I do love the idea that they took this sacchrine nothingness and turned it into something nice and subversive. I believe there was a website a while ago that just featured creepy stock footage of people smiling, and duplicated it on the screen till it felt supremely skin crawling.

and for further viewing, i recommend Die Fledermaus’s World of Chemistry vid.

Thanks @cwiggins for the first find on this one.

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We are fashioning this life from scratch. Go, find a stick, and make something. – Nikolai Polissky

I’m moving to NYC in a couple weeks.

This video below documents what is known as “Freedom Tunnel” Located on the upper west side of Manhattan, it was first constructed in 1930 for Amtrak trains, but was quickly deserted by the company. Shortly after, the city’s homeless moved in, creating an underground civilization that no doubt created its own social mores, rules, and ultimately culture.

Aiding in this was the graffiti happening down there. Starting with Chris Pape, aka Freedom. His was some of the first work in the tunnel, thus earning the namesake of the passage.

There’s a lot in this for me, both from the perspective of the homeless who set up shop there, and the artists who bombed the walls. The notion of creating something from nothing. Starting over in a new, undiscovered place. Using what you have to make an imprint on the world around you. The possibility of discovering something new in your own back yard. The first of what I hope will be a lot of interesting shit in the new town.

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Yo Yo ism.

this is everywhere now. but, it’s from my hometown so i will post it.

From City Pages –

“A man calling himself Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser has fooled five Midwestern television stations into putting him on the air as a supposed Yo-Yo expert.”

here’s a comment from the City Pages article –

Vitajex says:

There seems to be a disheartening level of ignorance surrounding this story. Allow me to properly educate you and all the other uninitiated out there about the new school of post-modern yo-yo artistry.

You want tricks?!?! Then go to Branson and watch Tommy Smothers with all the other blue-hairs!

Avant-garde yo-yoism is the way of the future. This is a school of thought that extends beyond the yo-yo. In fact, the yo-yo is merely a symbol- a sort of socio-religious iconography that allows the viewer to connect to the act in a purely aesthetic manner that removes the distinction between the performer and the performance. In art, there is the art of ‘creating’ and the art of ‘being’ and Kenny Strasser represents the warning shot fired across the bow of conventional, traditional, “acceptable” or “good” yo-yoing- an uninhibited commingling of creation and existence.

In a way, each performance is a microcosm of the human experience. Expectations are built up, only to be unceremoniously mocked and quickly forgotten. The viewer is forced to examine their own internal space and answer the question “Am I a yo-yo?” without the cocooning, inuring effect of walking dogs or rocking cradles.

In conclusion, it is only by relinquishing our claims on what is or isn’t yo-yoing- an active and aggressive redrawing of the gestalt of the artform- that we can begin to realize our destiny of post-millenial progress.”