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“It [Mr. Wizard] enjoyed consistent praise, awards, and high ratings throughout its history. At its peak, Watch Mr. Wizard drew audiences in the millions, but its impact was far wider. By 1956, it had prompted the establishment of more than five thousand Mr. Wizard science clubs, with an estimated membership greater than one hundred thousand.”


Posting For Posterity

this ain’t new, and it’s pretty well known, but i love it.

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thanks to @ecoopersmith for this.

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and here’s one of my favorite bits from woody.

and a spotify playlist –

Songs from Woody Allen’ Films

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Explain to me why this is funny.


Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast is good.

Marc Maron is a comedian who has been around for a long time. Thing is, he’s not that well known. And that kinda pisses him off. Combine that with the fact that he knows/is friends/has a successful podcast that offers a platform for promotion, and he gets some pretty great comedians and writers on his show. A lot of times it’s him talking about how he’s jealous and delving into the supposed fucked up childhood of his guests. Thought being that most or all comedians endure some sort of trauma and that becomes the reason they get into comedy. But also, you get to hear some pretty amazing insight into these funny people’s minds. It’s a good listen while you’re on a plane, which i’m about to be. And that’s why I recommend it.

Get listenin here. 

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Deuteronomy 23:1- No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord.


After spending yesterday crying laughing to this, and blasting it across the office, my creative director finally posted this on facebook. Thanks, ian.


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I’m a shaaaaark!

“Camp Kuleshov” is a competition in NYC, CHI and LA between assistant editors. They are given a film and asked to edit a trailer for the movie taking it from its original genre into another genre. Caleb Hepler’s “Shark Song” took first place.

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