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“Local folklore has told of a little girl who drowned in the [McCarren Park] pool. Legend has it that the spirit can be seen roaming around at night, crying for help. Most locals are unaware of the rumor.”


all glory and honor go to @JennyHollowell

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Danny Brown – Grown Up

via hope and glory

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It seems to be russian.

skifcha. whatever that is.



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Birdcloud. Raunchy ladies. Fun ladies.

You know how the Moldy Peaches did that thing where they sounded really sweet but their lyrics sometimes were pretty vulgar? These two gals are like that, if they weren’t so hipster lookin I’d say it’s less self aware. It might still be. Who knows.




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Wild Yaks are coming for your children.

Out of Niagara University comes these guys. Shoutin assholes of BK. They were supposed to play a show deep in the wilds of Brooklyn last friday, but one of the guys broke his foot, I assume from kicking a wild boar in the face. When they come around, I suggest seeing them.

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