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I only like Chuck Klosterman when he writes articles.

he wrote this in a recent article –


Or maybe only I think like this. Maybe the only kind of person who thinks like this is the kind of person who doesn’t really care, which is probably the person I am. Maybe I’m looking at this in the least meaningful way possible.



Words to live by.

Look at these damn Manta Rays flying out of the ocean.

WHAT? This is some kind of witchcraft. Some look kinda fake though, don’t they?


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Love, American Style

woke up to find this on facebook. whoever this guy is, he’s making the rest of us look bad.


The Barber Paradox, the family version.

for more fun, here’s the wikipedia on the barber paradox.

via theamericankid

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and here’s one of my favorite bits from woody.

and a spotify playlist –

Songs from Woody Allen’ Films

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