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“It [Mr. Wizard] enjoyed consistent praise, awards, and high ratings throughout its history. At its peak, Watch Mr. Wizard drew audiences in the millions, but its impact was far wider. By 1956, it had prompted the establishment of more than five thousand Mr. Wizard science clubs, with an estimated membership greater than one hundred thousand.”


Have a good day!

I’m crazy.

well, you can’t unsee that, now.

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Some Hindus follow the Gotra system, which prescribes prohibition of marriages among relatives based on a name attached to paternal relatives.

i’ve attempted several times in my life to play the banjo, it did not work out like this.

mind. blown.


oh, and here’s a fun fact, my sister used to live with ned beatty’s son. he never saw this movie. i don’t blame him.



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Posting For Posterity

this ain’t new, and it’s pretty well known, but i love it.

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